Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dammit, Jim

I get angry enough about Matheson's joining the Party of No on health care reform to make the assertion he's doing it because he plans to run for Governor in 2010, and he goes -- same day -- and proves me wrong.

At this time, I feel that I can be most effective pursuing an agenda that puts the people of Utah first by running for re-election for my current House seat next year. I enjoy a good working relationship with Senator Bob Bennett. My decision today does not preclude me from interest in running for statewide office in the future. I will be following the reapportionment of the state after the 2010 Census and the redistricting process very carefully in this regard.
Now let's see the Congressman pull that same trick with the alternatives; Big Pharma campaign contributions...

National Venture Capital Assn $ 12,500
Pfizer Inc $ 10,252
American Academy of Ophthalmology $ 10,000
American Assn of Orthopaedic Surgeons $ 10,000
...or Senate 2012.

Because two things we know it ain't about: fiscal responsibility or constituents.

(I was spot on about him making Peter Corroon's day, though, no?)

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  1. Genuine health care reform is dead, Jim. You helped kill it.