Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jim Matheson Makes Peter Corroon's Day

By joining The Party of No in opposing health care reform.

Health reform will move forward in the House after a coalition of conservative Democrats struck a deal with their party leaders Wednesday that will lower the bill's price tag and ease requirements on small businesses.

But Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, remains opposed to the reform package and will side with Republicans when the bill is brought up for a vote in the House Energy and Commerce Committee later this week.
The message here for District 2? "Sorry folks, I'm running for Governor (or Senate)... you're on your own." And that to the district that would benefit the most from health care reform with a public option.

If Matheson's goal here is indeed a Governorship of the state, he's making a huge mistake. A Democrat could win that seat by solidifying Democratic and Independent support. Joining rank with obstructionists on this issue isn't going to bring them in to support such a run. In fact, it reads more as compromised integrity, and placing a political career above an issue that is about Utah families and businesses. With this "stand," Matheson is joining ranks with the party that has made it clear they oppose any kind of reform to the care current system, and see this issue only as an opportunity to try to undermine President Obama for future elections, using every fallacy and incredible claim the media will listen to.

He could run right on land rights, gas leases, even a token abortion debate to draw in the Utah middle-roaders that might support him for another office in 2010 and beyond, but he's chosen our health care future to sacrifice for his own, throwing his own district under the bus in the process. This issue. Your health, your prosperity vs. his political future.

If I were in Corroon's shoes right now, I'd get myself quoted in any local rag commenting on the importance of health care reform. Let the Democrats and Independents know reform needs to happen, in my opinion. Then I'd file, and run.

The bill will pass the house without Jim's vote, thankfully, but it's important to remember his statements and position on this issue. Being a Democrat isn't simply listing yourself as such on a ballot. Representing your constituents isn't simply about keeping yourself in office.

It's about principle, and integrity, and doing what's right.

DAMMIT Update: Matheson proves my predictions wrong... so now this is an even more ridiculous position for him take. He's going to run for re-election in the District he just trampled on.

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