Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mark Shurtleff, Birther?

Anyone who follows Mark Shurtleff's campaign for Cheerleader Governor Senate via Twitter is familiar with the fact that the AG can't seem to say a single angry mob inducing thing without wallpapering it with the #TCOT hashtag. It's cute, how he tries so hard.

But Washington Independent is ruining all the fun now by pointing out the direction chief TCOT-er Michael Leahy has been steering the group.

Today, we find Leahy attacking Hawaii over its “dodge” on questions about President Obama’s birth — i.e., the state’s official statement that it has vital records proving Obama was born there.

He has further questions, such as “Can you name the hospital in which President Obama was born?” and “Can you tell us the name of the attending physician at President Obama’s birth according to the vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii Department of Health?” Leahy has devoted the tcotreport Website to questions about Obama’s birth certificate and an image of an empty suit in the White House:

BREAKING: Hawaii Official Issues Another "Transparency Dodger" Statement About Obama Birth Certificate

Is it fair to assume that by tattooing his campaign with tea-bags and TCOT, Shurtleff espouses the Birther "movement" and the message Leahy is pushing? Has the AG gone full on whacko to be as far right of Bennett and the 300 other contenders for the GOP candidacy for the seat?

It'd be worth getting Shurtleff on record, considering his consistent allegiance to the group, despite it's apparent grounding in birtherism wingnuttery.

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