Monday, August 24, 2009

Centrist/Conservative Denver Post Calls for Public Option in HC Reform

(h/t @DavidShuster) The Denver Post:

The Obama administration and congressional Democrats need to push forward with their plan to pass a public option as part of a comprehensive health care overhaul when they return to Washington next month. We don't see how it works without one.

It is the best way to slow escalating health care costs and expand access to quality care. The country, ultimately, will lose if the public option vanishes because of Democratic efforts to make health care reform a bipartisan effort.

The best way to bring down health care costs is to enhance competition, and in this case, it needs to be government that does it.

Without major reform, the status quo will help bankrupt the country and the private businesses that no longer will be able to afford to offer health care insurance because of the spiraling costs.

Those businesses will just dump their health care plans, or shut their doors. Either way, more workers are looking for government help.

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