Saturday, August 15, 2009

Netroots Wrapup

Funny, but while at the biggest conference for progressive bloggers going, I'm blogging not at all.

The information out here was overwhelming, to stay the least. Some of it academic, some of it from the panels practical and obviously applicable to political organization @ home.

Hopefully I've taken good enough notes, recorded sufficient audio/video to refresh myself after the trip home, to pass it all on.

It's been quite an experience in many different ways, but without a doubt I'm coming back with the positive impression that everyone should get an opportunity to attend events like this, if they are serious about organizing online and off to make a difference.

I'm off to the closing keynote by Darcy Burner now. You can follow the last few hours of the conference (or trace back through five maybe six billion tweets from the previous days) with the hashtag #nn09.

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