Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sometimes someone with the misfortune of a media spotlight says something so stupid that you think to yourself: there is no way that person is that stupid. Impossible. If that person were really that stupid, they would've choked on a quarter by now. If that person were really this stupid, there is no way they would've made it to adulthood without child safety locks on all sharp objects in the home and balloon guards on all sharp corners. No. They cannot be that stupid. It has to be a cover for something. Perhaps the person is actually carrying out a masterfully put together plan to fool the world by appearing this stupid while secretly plotting to overthrow all world powers and unite us under their absolute power of intellect and cunning strategy.

Because there is just no way someone could be this jaw-droppingly stupid and dress themselves in the morning.

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  1. Here is the problem, they aren't stupid, these people know exactly what they are doing and they are enablers. They are spreading lies and sometimes I wish we could staple the ten commendments to their head so they could remember to follow them.