Thursday, September 17, 2009

Answering Sen. Chris Buttars Health Care Questions: Thanks to The Senate Site

As a nice wrap up to our efforts to answer the questions Sen. Chris Buttars and Sen. John Valentine have had trouble answering about HR3200, The Senate Site has posted a more concise version of our week long response, put together from the overall series by Craig41.

As wrap ups go, we couldn't have hoped for better. It speaks volumes to the integrity of The Senate Site and those who make it happen every day that they would give our response attention equal to that of the Senators.

Our goal was to bring real information into the debate in the face of what we believe was a very cheap and superficial attempt by both Senators to strip real information from that same debate. And to poke a little fun at one of our most iconic and embarrassing legislators fallen victim to an apparent chain email chock full of anti-reform propaganda.

Take a minute to thank The Senate Site for acknowledging our research.

You can't ask for any more than for them to listen, and I think this proves that they are.

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