Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Funding Sanity

UDP's Todd Taylor cuts to the chase:

The truth is that Republicans are more interested in attacks and instilling fear than they are in making tough decisions on the important issues facing Americans.

If you had any doubts that 2010 is an important year or thoughts about sitting this next election cycle out, hopefully you now see that Republicans are on a mission to say and do anything to grab back the power they lost.

Historically, the President’s political party loses seats in the mid-term election. We must fight harder than ever to ensure that history does not repeat itself in 2010.

That is why we are asking for your help now. It is our responsibility to make sure the lies and distortions that Republicans try to pass off as fact do not go unchallenged.

We know the power of information. We recognize the power of our grassroots army to deliver that message. Democrats have a mission, too. Our cause is just. Our cause is moral. I am counting on you to stand with us to help us accomplish our mutual goal. That is … to share the truth with your friends and family … to organize in your local community … and to contribute to the Utah Democratic Party.

Wallets, out. Considering the heightened bat-shit and dishonest rhetoric coming from the right, you can consider your donation not only a contribution to the party, but a public service.

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