Monday, September 14, 2009

Health Care Reform Distortions: You Can't Blame it All on the Tea-Baggers

Most of it, just not all.

When Tom Rosensteil of the Project for Excellence in Journalism appeared on the PBS NewsHour on August 31 to talk about the press and health policy, he noted that his group's studies found that "the protests have gotten more coverage, actually, than description of the healthcare plans, or -- and twice as much coverage as the stories about the state of the healthcare system." He later elaborated:

What, really, I think, surprises me in the coverage is how little coverage there is of how our healthcare system works, what's wrong with what -- what's wrong with it, and what the alternatives could be, based on other countries, other systems, alternative programs in the United States.

That represents only 8 percent of all the coverage that we have seen this year, vs. 55 percent about the political horse races and battles over this, and another 16 percent of the coverage on the protests.

The way it's been covered in the media doesn't generate the bullshit, but they certainly haven't gone out of their way to clear it up, either.

Screaming tea-baggers sells, I guess.

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