Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keep an Eye on Herbert

Despite his moderate speak (so far), and the thwarting of Darth Sidious Gayle Ruzicka with the nomination of a moderate to the Lt. Gov desk, Herbert will be no Huntsman.

SALT LAKE CITY—Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has barely been in office a month, but he's not wasting any time charting a more conservative course than his predecessor on the very issues Jon Huntsman used to vault to national prominence within the GOP and an ambassadorship to China.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Herbert outlined how he is skeptical of how much humans affect global warming; that he fears protecting gay people from discrimination could lead to courts legalizing gay marriage; and said he has no desire to do any more to bring Utah's liquor laws in line with much of the country.

It is a marked shift from Huntsman, the most popular governor in state history, who had a habit of angering the conservatives that dominate state party politics. Herbert will need those conservatives if he wants to win the GOP nomination in May, although his comments aren't just political posturing.

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