Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shurtleff Hits Bennett for Applauding... the Truth?

Mark Shurtleff's campaign is quickly cementing itself as the premiere example of the state of the fringe GOP. He's (no kidding) taking a swipe (not joking at all here) at Bennett for (get this) applauding the President for (unbelievable!) calling lies, lies.

End-of-life consultations, cast as so-called "death panels" by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to discredit Democratic health care reform efforts, continue to fuel the fire in at least one U.S. Senate race: Utah's.

Last week, Sen. Bob Bennett was one of four Republicans during a joint session of Congress who stood and applauded President Barack Obama's dismissal of Palin's and other conservative critics' characterization as "a lie, plain and simple."
What a liberal that Bennett is, what with his fondness of reality and stuff! #TCOT #TCOT #TCOT #IAMTHEMOB #TEABAGGING #TEAPARTY #GLENNBECK #TCOT #SARAHPALIN #DEATHPANELS #TCOT

I don't think we can any longer refer to Shurtleff as one who's "dumbing down the debate." Shurtleff has apparently embraced the dumb fully. In fact, the debate -- which will lead to one of the most comedic primaries in Utah history, I predict -- is brain dead.


  1. You forget there is a woman in this race who is not brain dead. She's very much alive and working very hard. She looks forward to distinguishing herself from the incumbent gentlemen in the race who have one major common characteristic: their penchant for making back room deals.

    Cherilyn Eagar

  2. Ms. Eager, I am one of those constituents who actually appreciates the backroom dealing. They usually aren't as sinister as you make them out to be and so is the nature of politics. I am sure if you are elected, you will find yourself making similar bargains to stay elected and achieve your agenda.

    Jason, we often discuss the future of the GOP and the vitality of the conservative movement. While all political movements have their misfits, I worry that the substantive figures within the movement are being alienated by the "true believers." Pretty soon I will be identified as a heretic, I assume