Monday, September 21, 2009

Southern Baggage: Most Republicans Aren't Racists, But Most Racists Are Republicans

Which creates a very complex challenge to an increasingly regional party. One they have yet to competently address. TAP:

As a political proposition, this circumstance should concern the GOP even more, since most of those people harboring racial resentment think the Republican Party should be their voice on opposition to immigration, affirmative action, civil rights, and anything proposed by a black president like health-care reform.

So far, there have been no signs of enlightenment from the GOP leadership on this. Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, whom, I think, presumes that his own blackness is a sufficient argument against charges that the party is racist, went down a familiar path this week by accusing the Democrats of playing the race card as a diversion. "This is a pathetic distraction by Democrats to shift attention away from the president's wildly unpopular government-run health-care plan that the American people simply oppose," Steele said. "Playing the race card shows that Democrats are willing to deal from the bottom of the deck." The White House, in an especially bold show of political expediency, tried to defuse the issue by saying it believed that the heated disagreements were mostly about policy and not about race. Unlike the GOP, the Obama administration understands that there is no upside to having the debate turn on racial attitudes.

Without denying the existence of the race card or even its occasional overuse, this is self-delusion of the highest order on Steele’s part. Steele, it is worth remembering, became chair of his party after seven ballots, when the political considerations were essentially reduced to whether the GOP should elect its first black chair or more accomplished white leader Katon Dawson. A white leader who, sadly, had been a member of a whites-only country club in -- guess where -- South Carolina.


  1. Speaking of Southern baggage, guess which current Democrat Senator said:

    "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side...Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

    I genuinely hope you don't mind my directly quoting one of your Democrat leaders in the Senate...I sincerely recognize the repugnant nature of such thoughts and attitudes propagated by the left in this country.

    What would the great Republican Abe Lincoln think? I bet he would hope for equality for all, with the results left up to our abilities and desires. That's what I think MLK meant by being "judged by the content of our characters."

    Hopefully you and your party will stop stoking the fans of hate, and join those who want success for all in this great country, not just success for the Democrat party faithful.

  2. @anon - i don't know that west virginia is really considered a southern state, though it is mostly below the mason dixon line the state did split off from virginia to rejoin the union during the civil war. secondly, byrd has appologized for what he said in the 40's, i believe the quote was something along the lines of 'intolerance has not place in america.' but of course pointing that out could have rendered your little comment rather meaningless, so i see why you didn't.

  3. How very Democrat of you! Hiding your own dirty laundry while pointing it out in others...Well done little Democrat soldier.

    Let me end this by apologizing for all the racially charged statements ever made in the United States of America. That's all it takes, right?

    I may just have solved all racism in America by simply apologizing. I guess that's all it took! A Nobel Prize is in order here! Thanks for pointing out my error!

    P.S. The US Census Bureau lists West Virginia as a Southern State. Darn those little facts. How they creep up on us! You may want to pretend it's has some other classification, thought, just as you pretend that your party doesn't engender racism in its own right.

    Again, well done little soldier. Carry on!

  4. it's cute that you try, keep pointing out things democrats said 50 years ago and ignoring the republicans very recent history, and then blame me for pointing out that you're doing it. and you call me the good soldier. hilarity ensues. no one's hiding dirty laundry here, i think we're more sickened by the rights airing of their dirty laundry to try and drum up support to stave off irrelevance.

  5. Are you saying hilarity ensues:

    1. After asserting that Republicans are racist while Democrats promote an ex-KKK recruiter to top leadership, who as recently as 2005 said that we "talk too much about race in this country," and that he knows lots of "white ni**ers." (again, sorry for quoting the repugnant racial views of the left)

    2. My "little soldier" comment.

    3. Simply apologizing for racism makes it all better if it happened a few years ago.

    Never mind. I agree with you on all points! Finally some coming together here...Maybe we can have our own beer summit sometime.

    Kumbaya my friend...Kumbaya!

  6. Anon, read the article you moron.

    It says Republicans may not in fact be racists, but since the racists are always in their party, it paints them in a very unique predicament where they will have to keep explaining they are not racists until they make a public attempt to drive the racists out.

    Which they haven't.

    Your over-sensitivity on this one is pretty revealing though. Jason Chaffetz supporter by any chance?

  7. the quote was from 2001, those facts, man, you gotta watch out for them. here's how i got to that, you can see the quote here, but note that it says he is 83 years old. given that he was born in 1917, one can safely assume that this quote is most certainly not as recently as 2005.

    now, while you seem to be going after one senator who certainly said some things that most americans should and would take offense at, he's apologized and his voting record backs him up on it. the NAACP gave him rankings of 100, 82, and 80 during the last three congressional sessions, during which he was matched on that ranking only once, by snowe and collins in the 07-08 session.

    now, speaking of snowe and collins, i certainly wouldn't call them racist, i point that out not because i think i'm in the minority there, but to show that i'm not calling all republicans racist, they certainly aren't. but as jason points out your bringing up byrd repeatedly isn't helping the republicans image when it comes to racial issues.

    simply put, once black voters find out about these things byrd has said they'll be voting for republicans in droves right, and the NAACP, they won't touch him with a 10 foot pole right? neither of those are happening, but hey, keep bringing it up, maybe you'll be the one to turn the tide here.

  8. woa, should re read and edit before posting these, that should say he was only matched by a republican once during those three sessions, there were democrats with perfect scores all three times, which obviously would be higher than two of byrd's scores.

  9. I sense a lot of anger coming from you, Jason. Must be racial, right? That's what Dems try to assert about Republicans when they disagree. Besides, you should be more sensitive towards morons. They're people too.

    I love that you call me over-sensitive after your becoming so filled with hate at the prospect of someone disagreeing with you that you call me a moron...Classic!

    You must be an Obama supporter. Any chance?

    P.S. Read the comments. They point out that not all racists are Republicans, Mormon. Oops. Hope that doesn't offend you.

    Damn, just when I thought I was going to get along with a fellow American. You had to go on a hate spree. Come on, man!

  10. Craig,

    Sorry, you were right. He said it in 2001. Does that fall within the statute of limitation on racism?

    The NAACP supports my original point that we should all have an equal playing field, and let the results reflect our effort and drive. The NAACP won't score that way!

    This is what I love about our President. He never has (as far as I know) asked for an advantage based on his race. I respect him for this. I respect him for defending dissenters, not as racists, but as people who simply disagree.

    You should both follow his example.

  11. i don't recall saying anything that isn't following his example. nor do i remember you making the point that we should all have an equal playing field. perhaps i'm over simplifying your commentary here to be a wordy version of 'a democrat said something racist once' but i doubt it, since that's all you've really offered.

  12. "I bet he would hope for equality for all, with the results left up to our abilities and desires. That's what I think MLK meant by being "judged by the content of our characters."

    Look in my first comment.

    The NAACP isn't following his example. They want special advantages given for their race affiliation, ie affirmative action. When you quote scores from the NAACP, it makes me think you agree with them. I don't think you're following the example of a man that doesn't ask for such advantages, and tries at all times to quiet racial anger.

    The original article, as has been so aptly shown in this exchange, fans the flames of racial tension, the source of which belongs to neither party.

    Race should never be leveraged in order to quiet dissent, or prove or disprove an argument, or validate a particular political party. It shouldn't exist, period. The more you try to divide good Americans by race, the more damage you do.

    This is what I refer to in my admiration of the President and my hope that you might be able to follow his example.

    I have to go to class now (yes, I'm one of those college kids wherein revolution originates!) so I won't be able to comment for a few hours.

    Thanks for the lively discussion! I hope we've all come away a little more thoughtful and with less hate.

  13. Actually, I feel dumber having read your comments, Anon.

    Again, read the article.

    The racists are in the GOP even if the GOP itself isn't racist. As long as the GOP allows the racists to exist in the party unchallenged, they will have to repeatedly defend the charges that they are the party of racists.

    Read. The. Article.