Saturday, October 10, 2009

GOP Brand, Still Tainted

The GOP has been in a bad spot for a while now, and it looks like their solution to a brand problem is only worsening that same brand problem. PPR, via Democratic Strategist.

...In the past week, both the AP and Gallup...have released surveys showing a significant decline in opposition to President Obama’s health care plan, with Gallup showing the plan favored by a 51 to 41 percent majority... Recent public polls show Americans weary of both the status quo in health care and Republican obstructionism: overwhelming majorities say Republicans lack ideas and put politics ahead of the nation’s needs. This extreme partisanship is contributing to the continued stagnant and unimpressive standing of the Republican brand and threatens to further isolate Republican leaders from the American political mainstream.
If political parties were stocks to trade, it would be a great time for Democrats in red states to reinvest in themselves before the bubble bursts.

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  1. I have to pretty much agree with you, however see more Red opportunities in the next election due mainly to the majority's spotlight.

    I feel the GOP has done little to reflect the will and culture of conservatives, and that is reflected in the last election.

    Good stuff!