Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Grayson Lesson

It seems so common sense, it's almost unbelievable Democrats needed to learn this one through actual experience.

Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, a self-proclaimed "Democrat with guts," appears unlikely to be subject to a resolution of disapproval for suggesting that part of the Republican health care plan is for Americans to "die quickly if you get sick."

The Associated Press is reporting that a spokesman for Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, who drafted a resolution of disapproval against Grayson and threatened to introduce it on the House floor, is suggesting that Price does not plan to do so.

Let's hope it takes this time (since 2006, 2008 elections didn't seem to cement the notion of standing up and being... well... Democrats). And this isn't simply about pride, or the important but more esoteric notion of party identity and definition. There are electoral downsides to bet hedging as well.
This has gone on just long enough.

And sometime soon -- assuming the lesson has been learned this go-round -- let's give this a trial run in Utah too, huh?

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