Monday, October 12, 2009

Mark Shurtleff: AG, Senate Candidate, or Infomercial Spokesperson?

It's getting to be a hard distinction to make. But we're going to try.

Shurtleff on Twitter:

Last day use #Nomorebailouts and be entered to win an ipod touch #utpol #utgop #tcot 4:50PM Oct 10 from the web

Tomorrow at noon - Trivia Tuesday! 1st to correctly tweet the answer gets an autographed hat #utah #tcot #utpol #sgp 15 minutes ago from the web
Shurtleff's campaign blog:
October 03, 2009

To commiserate the one-year anniversary of the enactment of Senator Bob Bennett's $700 Billion dollar bailout plan, one lucky user of the hashtag #NoMoreBailouts wins an iPod Touch.

Here's how it works: [...]
From the AG site:
The Utah Identity Theft Tour is coming to Ogden to provide free document shredding service to the public (up to 8 legal boxes), plus tips on how to protect yourself against ID theft. Mark Shurtleff will discuss the efforts the Attorney General's Office is taking to try to stop the scourge of identity theft.
The site fails (I think to the detriment of the "Tour") to mention with excitement that the AG will be traveling complete with a gimmicky over-sized shredder, for added effect. How cool is that?! How could you not support this guy for any office?!

So, Attorney General, Senate Candidate, or the too-tan fella' on TV who is about to pitch you the wonders of the ShamWow?

Conclusion after closer inspection? All three, with a dash of circus barker (#TCOT #TCOT #TCOT #AngryMobs!!!).

The choice between Eager's Joe the Plummer stunt, Bridgewater's... well whatever Bridgewater is doing, and Shurtleff's #TCOT-iPods-for-Votes-#TCOT strategy is going to be enough to have GOP delegates bustin' their gourds at who to pull the lever for!

Somewhere, Sen. Bob Bennett is thinking "You have got to be kidding me... Is there more pointless yet wing-nutty legislation I could sponsor quick?"

And unfortunately, Bob, no, and no. That made you look stupid, these clowns are serious.

Where are you, Sam? No reason to be so quiet when all you have to do is sound like the sane one not trying to sell the public a Garden Weasel in the "As Seen on TV" Senate race.

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  1. Mr. Shurtleff as Attorney General has violated his sacred oath by lying to the American Native Community, State of Utah citizens, State of Utah Legislators to solicit a Bill of Attainder law against an American Native Church's and one of its spiritual leader.

    First Mr. Shurtleff attempted to outlaw a Native American Church from practicing in the State of Utah. Whereupon, he was rebuked by the State of Utah Supreme Court, unanimously, the court stating clearly and concisely that the State of utah was in full alignment with federal laws.

    Second, he lied to the United States Attorneys about the authenticity of this American Native Church spiritual leader and with held exculpatory evidence to influence a Federal Grand jury to indict this authentic American Native Spiritual leader. When the 'prosecuting' and defending' federal attorneys, became aware of these facts, they requested the Federal Judge to drop all indictments prior to a scheduled evidential hearing and the court granted their request.

    Third, he summoned and conspired with State of Utah Director of Indian Affairs Forest Cuch to knowingly slander the American Native Spiritual leader with the State of Utah American Native community and

    Fourth, Mr. Shurtleff lied to the citizens and State of Utah legislators that the State of Utah Laws concerning Peyote where out of step with Federal laws (A LIE), thus a Bill of Attainder Law was passed by the State of Utah Legislators and signed into Law. cRu3E&feature=related