Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medicare +5

Good news from the House today.

It's now the Senate's game to lose for the Democratic Party.

The debate within the Democratic Party over health care reform generally, and the public option specifically, raises several bigger questions about the party. These questions predate the health care debate, but the controversy surrounding the extent of the Democratic Party's commitment to extend health care to as many Americans as possible brings this into sharp focus. If the Democrats do not pass a meaningful health care bill, with a public option it will be hard to answer the question of what the purpose of the Democratic Party is.

The Democratic Party has not been burdened by a unified ideology, or even vision, for quite some time. The last major legislative victories by a Democratic president occurred during the mid-1960s during the Johnson administration. Even the accomplishments of the Clinton presidency, the most successful Democratic administration in at least a generation, were products of good management and small scale legislative changes, not sweeping reform or major new programs.

During most of the last 40 years, the Democratic Party has defined itself primarily through opposition to the ascendant Republican Party.
Now the party needs to carve out it's own definition. Read more @ HuffPo.

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