Friday, October 9, 2009

So, About That Tort Reform

Wow. I mean just Wow. 0.2% Huzzah!

With a cost reduction like that, it's just unbelievable no one was listening to the guy at the back of the townhall yelling about it.

0.2%. Imagine what we couldn't do with that.

And of course Orrin Hatch, who couldn't praise the CBO enough two months ago, is now questioning their analysis.


  1. CBO reversed itself on defensive medicine costs from their analysis last yr. How much $$$ is wasted on these tests? I don't think anyone can measure this. How do you determine if a CAT scan is to protect the doctor or the patient's health? Nearly every physician orders excessive tests and medical care every day. While tort reform wouldn't stop all of this, it would be a huge step forward. The CBO estimate of .5% is absurdly low. We are vaporizing tens of billions of health care dollars into the medical malpractice sink hole.

  2. Such a weak attempt to justify continued pressure for tort reform would hold water if 38 states hadn't already employed it in aggressive form and seen little to no change.