Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Cancer in the GOP

Tea baggers, or Sarah Palin. Or is there a difference?

Her political celebrity is so powerful that it has reduced a large part of the Republican Party to irrationality and civic incoherence. According to Gallup, Republicans are more likely to say they would seriously consider voting for Palin for president (65 percent) than to say she is qualified for the job (58 percent). At the moment she is promoting a book. But she is also, inevitably, promoting a distinctive political sensibility."

"What Obama advisers privately refer to as 'Palinism' has created a climate of ideological purity inside the GOP. To deviate from the anti-Obama line at all -- that is, to acknowledge that politics is the art of compromise -- risks the censure of the party.


  1. What about the Utah Democratic so-called purist going after Matheson?

  2. "promoting a distinctive political sensibility" you sure sensibility is the right word?


    The democrats in Utah have no love for Matheson, but they appreciate his position based on the district he is in. So you may here them complain a lot but they won't do anything against him when it comes down to it.