Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Test for Matheson

Jim's kind of in a corner on the health care bill.

The Senate version is much closer to what he wanted in the first place (i.e. nothing to bold, nothing that really does much of anything... just something you can call reform, with exchanges, and faster payouts to rural doctors or course!).

Now it's coming back to the house for another vote.  Many (including me) suspect that Blue Dogs opposed reform legislation for purely political reasons, to distance themselves from an agenda they are going to own anyway (yeah, I know, doesn't make much sense to me either).

So the big question I have now: What's Jim going to do?

Will he get behind a watered down, toothless "starting point" for reform that can be "fixed later"?  Or will he show us that for him, this was always about opposing the Obama Agenda from the get go?

What's it going to be, Jim?

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