Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cherilyn Eager's TeleTown-hall, Webinar, Tea-Party Thingy

Sat in on Eager's teletown-hall, just for fun.  Not much worth repeating (insert your stereotypical teabaggn' rhetortic, and you'll have the gist), other than a few questions near the end:

"Explain your stand on the Fair Tax."

Eager's answer: If we want to curtail what's happening with illegal immigration, take a look at the effect the Fair Tax could have on that.  Fair Tax is one time, at the point of sale.  Anyone who buys a commodity in this country will be paying that tax.  [Illegals] Won't be getting a free ride.
"What important attributes should a candidate have?"
Eager: A factor of trust that you've been consistent.  I'm unique because I've been working with coalitions with conservative groups.
More comments:
"This [earmarks? spending? or something] is taking away the sovereignty of our state.  It is corrupting the system."

"This [nuclear waste] should not be a federal issue, should be a state issue.  Interstate commerce clause [A federal law!] should come into play."

"Want to bring your attention to a few points here... we could use your help, give your children and grandchildren a Christmas gift and donate to this campaign."
Overall, I'm impressed with the tools Eager is implementing in her campaign, and she deserves credit for creativity, if not lucidity.  But those feelings are quickly undermined by the mindless rhetoric that seems to summarize her campaign.  She seems to be operating in a world of black and white ideology, seemingly unaware of economic realities and the complexities inherent in governance.  That her message gains support says more about the low expectations of Utah conservatives than it does her qualifications as a leader.

And with that, I hope she wins the nominations.  Sam Granato vs. Wingnut in 2010 would be endlessly fun to watch.

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