Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dueling Press Conferences

For all the bad you can say about Matheson on health care, you have to give him credit for this:

U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, and EnergySolutions Inc. are going public with their complaints about one another, with dueling press conferences and mailers.

EnergySolutions also aired a television ad this week on four television stations to attack what the Salt Lake City radioactive waste company calls the congressman's "playing politics with Utah jobs" and "catering to left-wing fringe groups."

"Everything we put into our ad is factual," said EnergySolutions President Val Christensen, whose company's Tooele County disposal site serves as the sole disposal site for low-level radioactive waste from 36 states.
Matheson aired the 60-second advertisement at a news conference Wednesday. He called it a "vicious" response to his newsletter, which did not mention the company by name but focused instead to his efforts to get a federal import ban on low-level radioactive waste.
Matheson is the only member of our federal delegation with the spine to stand up to The Corporation the Legislature Just Loves to Love (and you can still eat it with a spoon!).

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