Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The (Finally!) Tea-bag Free Health Care Debate Continues (Silver/Burner on Hardball)

This really has been like the surprise Christmas present for me.  While the debate is centered around the Senate bill, and sparring between liberals activists who want to kill it, and liberal policy wonks who want to pass it with a promise to "fix it later," it's turning out to be the best debate -- to date -- on health care reform overall.  Death panels and SOCIALISM! have been replaced with debating the actual language of the bill, and the very goals of health care reform.

It's extremely refreshing (and also provides a dire statement on what the GOP and right-wing activists are offering to our national dialog... which isn't much).

Here's video from one such debate just last night: 538.com's Nate Silver, and progressive activist Darcy Burner on Hardball with Tweety.

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