Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keepin' it real... or something

Something strange happened here at SideTrack HQ about 10 days ago. In the middle of the holiday prep and finishing up of last minute work, the well of witty rejoinders and insight-without-compare I'm sure you all come here for just, kinda, dried up.

Everyone said, at the end of the longest Presidential campaigns in the history of mankind, that we'd burn out. We didn't. Everyone said as news cycles slowed over the summer we'd take a break. We didn't. Everyone said trying to be activists, bloggers, and Democrats in Utah at the same time would drive us insane... It didn't. Maybe.

Mocking tea-baggers alone is reason enough to fire this thing up every day, but there's been a lot more than that. And becoming increasingly involved in "offline" activist efforts has given the people who make up The SideTrack even more to talk about (though ironically, less time to do so... I call this the Active Geek Paradox). And it's not like there is ever really a shortage of news to either enrage, engage, or make us laugh hysterically.

No, what's happened here is we've grown complacent, lazy, and maybe even a little stagnant. We've been doing this since 2005, and have not yet once even considered a site redesign, or a switch to Wordpress (not gonna happen... too many clickey things, we get confused), or even changing the font in the posts. So we're looking to make some changes. Something more challenging, and more dignified for this little blog we've become pretty proud of as the years go on. Something to keep aging minds active, like those little rubber balls you get for dogs you can hide the Milkbone in. Something just above "puzzle" and just below "astro-physics" to up the ante, and keep us fresh.

We'd of course welcome any ideas, and we have some of our own we'll be testing out. Until then posting may slow a little bit, but you can still follow us on Twitter, and of course hear me wax politic on the airwaves Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 4 to 6.

Don't worry, we won't be gone long. Morgan Philpot (who's tea-baggn' tweets were sadly deleted over the weekend when his account was hacked and he started spamming us IQ quiz links... but trust us, they were tea-baggery!) is considering a run in UT-2, and we wouldn't miss that comedy gold for the world.

P.S. Democrats: Please don't primary Jim while we're gone. For F#$k sake, if you have the candidate and the energy for a primary, run somebody against Bishop instead. Two birds, one stone.

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