Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prepping for 2010 Legislative Session (Wimmer, Dayton Warming Up the Dumb)

If you have any inkling that this legislative session is going to be all about the budget, or how much more we can gut from services and education, think again.  Here are some advance highlights of ways in which our most flagrant ideologues and legislative visionaries plan to lead Utah into the (tea-party) future:

Margaret Dayton's There's a World Outside of Utah?! I Live On an Island of Obtuse! Gun Bill (via Bob Aagard):

A personal firearm, a firearm action or receiver, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in the state to be used or sold within the state is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.
Oh Margaret.  Isn't there an education program somewhere you could be hatin' on instead?

Meat Head Carl Wimmer's Forced Health Care Opt Out Bill:
A Utah legislator, Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, said he backs Shurtleff's position. Wimmer is sponsoring a bill in the upcoming legislative session that would require Utah to opt out of any federally mandated health care reform.

"Health care reform should be conducted at the state level," Wimmer said, "and not be forced upon us by the people in Washington, D.C."

In May, Wimmer organized Utah's branch of the conservative Patrick Henry Caucus, which boasts close to 40 of the state's 104 lawmakers on its membership rolls. 

Well, except for the state's auto insurance mandate, Carl, but who's paying attention.  And yes, yes, if you don't like the auto insurance mandate, you can just not own a car.  Unfortunately, people can't just decide to not get sick, in the real world at least.  Not that we assume you're living there, of course.  Poor in Utah?  Get ready to be Patrick Henried.  The Carpetbagger AG is signing on to this brilliant idea too.

Wimmer also has a backup bill, should the first not prove wingnutty enough. 

I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg -- as Noel and Stephenson have yet to reveal much of what they've got for us -- but it's enough to prove reckless anti-tax pledges and the gutting of higher education and services won't be the only party games played in the upcoming session.  There's also the food tax, the possible (ssssh!) addressing of the Flat Tax that's done us so right so far, and of course (BIGGER SSSSH!) ethics.

All in all, it looks to be another documentary worthy circus session, even if Chris Buttars manages to somehow, someway keep his foot out of his mouth.


  1. Wimmer opposes health care for Utah women but wants another restriction on abortion, lack of health care is why some get an abortion, idiot!

  2. The individual mandate (Senate bill) at the Federal level is unconstitutional. Americans will not stand for being forced to buy this. Are you willing to throw citizens like Keith Olbermann in jail who refuse to comply because they are self-insured?

    The public option (House bill) violates the 10th amendment: Wimmer and the Patrick Henry Caucus are right, this is a states issue.

    As for the auto-insurance the analogy doesn't hold: you are never forced to insure yourself, only to have insurance to pay for damage you may cause to others while engaged in a potentially dangerous activity.

  3. The "unconstitutional" argument against this bill is one of the most flawed oppositions. It's no more unconstitutional than the Commerce Clause or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    And the 10th amendment is an even further, depserate reach.

    The fact that only Wimmer (R-Derf!), the reationary teabaggers in the PHCaucus, and Utah's most opportunist carpetbagger Mark Shurtleff are trumping up these arguments shows just how ludicrous they really are.

    What's sad is that you're missing valid points of opposition wasting your time with these arguments.

    It's a highly flawed bill. But it's far from unconstitutional.