Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sidetrack 2.0

Okay, that's a little bit of an overstatement.  We changed the color of the sidebars.  Whoopdedoo.

Actually a lot more has been going on here.

Things had gotten stale.  When Craig, Jeff (not Bell) and I fired this clunker up in 2005, it started with a few questions we all had, several things we all had to say, and a deep seeded, healthy loathing of the media bent on keeping voters stupid, happy, and voting against their own self interest.

We had grand, unrealistic dreams.  Still do.  We were going to change everything.  Still are.  And to some extent, that hasn't been a complete failure.  Over the ensuing years, personal activism has really taken on a life of it's own outside of what you read here (and sometimes at the cost of what you read here), and the relative involvement in local and national politics has brought returns and disappointments, friends and enemies (at least we like to think so), and a more committed -- if pragmatic -- desire to make a difference.

But it'd grown a little stale and musty.

Personally, I have the attention span of a 2 year old watching CSPAN.  Craig has this day job thing (I have one of those and a radio show, he just pays a lot more attention to his, despite complaints), and Jeff... well Jeff moved to Tacoma, WA, the land of Darcey Burner and apparently NO CELL PHONE SERVICE or email.  Somewhere in there is a personal life for each of us too.  I think.  The SideTrack wouldn't exist if the three of us didn't talk, but politics have changed, blogging has changed (ask any conservative... it's all about The Twitter and the 140 character mindless talking point, right?), and we've changed. 

So the visible adjustments made here are meager, and not meant to impress.  Behind the scenes is where SideTrack 2.0 is happening.  Several new projects in the works.  Some just to keep us (me?) entertained and challenged, some that hopefully a few other yokels will join in with us on in 2010 (put me in your spam folder now, or consider it an opt-in).  Maybe it'll change something relevant and lasting, maybe it will just serve as a continued outlet for angst and defiant idealism.  Either way, I'll be happy.  Hopefully, we'll be a bit more focused for the last two weeks of brainstorming (thanks to those who listened, at length) and have more to say, more of that irreplaceable wit you've come to depend on us for while saying it.

Every time Carl Wimmer or Orrin Hatch post something moronic and mind numbingly trite on Twitter, I remember why I think online activists have a role in Utah.  So, several times a day, that.  Every time Steve Urquhart whines about the local "liberal media," I remember why having even a minor soapbox isn't something to take for granted.  And every time Chris Buttars speaks... well, the way I was raised, you should never waste comedy.

There are very serious kids in Africa, etc.

Looking forward to the next chapter of this lil' bloggin' experiment.

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