Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conventional Wisdom Bust

WaPo/Kaiser/Harvard poll of MA voters reveals only 11% want to "stop the Democratic agenda."

- 70 percent of voters think Brown should work with Democrats on health care reform, including 48 percent of Brown voters.
- 52 percent of voters were enthusiastic/satisfied with Obama administration policies.
- 44 percent of voters believe “the country as a whole” would be better off with health care reform, but 23 percent believe Massachusetts would be better off.
- 68 percent of voters, including 51 percent of Brown voters approve of Massachusetts’ health care reform.
- 58 percent of all voters, including 37 percent of Brown voters, felt “dissatisfied/angry” with “the policies offered by the Republicans in Congress.”
The most intriguing aspect of the MA special elections has been seeing how the media, repeating the same little supported talking points, can influence even Democratic lawmakers.

Sign the CREDO petition.  Tell Democrats not to give in to village idiocy.

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