Saturday, January 2, 2010

UT GOP: "Don't Tea-Bag Me, Bro!"

UDP's Wayne Holland, on Shurtleff's latest offering to the tea-bag gods:

Not only does Holland say there's nothing unconstitutional about health care reform, he also claims republicans like Shurtleff are drinking the, “..."Glenn Beck Kool-Aid."

Monday, Shurtleff's Chief Deputy told ABC 4 his boss was seriously thinking about filing a lawsuit to stop the health care reform effort in Congress.

But Tuesday, what Holland said Shurtleff should stop is his "wrongheaded" effort.

ABC 4 News: "Do you think he should drop this?”

Holland: “Absolutely."

Holland feels that republicans like Shurtleff will try anything in the next few weeks to stop health care reform from becoming law.

And Holland is not shy about saying so.

Holland: "Right now, they see a political opportunity. They're jumping on the bandwagon. They want to be in the limelight and they find anyway they can to do that."

Holland isn't surprised Shurtleff is threatening a health care lawsuit.

But he worries the attorney general's efforts may do a lot more harm than good.

"There's always a danger when you use public office to trumpet things that are meant to elevate your political status with a small group."
Fightin' words!  I like it.

Shurtleff has proven himself a self serving opportunist above all else.  And having Carl Wimmer on board doesn't exactly lend this effort much credence.

The lawsuit is a waste of time.  We know it.  And I'd be willing to bet Shurtleff knows it.  But Carl Wimmer and the Tea-Baggers don't know it, and that's what Shurtleff hopes to play on.  But Carl Wimmer also thinks that since he shoveled snow out of his driveway once in 2009, Global Warming cannot possibly be real.

If Shurtleff's antics are any barometer of things to come (and my guess is they are), the UT GOP has willingly reduced their own message to "Don't tea-bag me, bro!"

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