Monday, January 25, 2010

Google: Finance Clean Energy, Mr. President

Google Public Policy Blog on CEDA:

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee adopted bipartisan legislation to create CEDA last year. This pending Senate proposal would establish and fund CEDA to provide various types of flexible credit support for the development and deployment of clean energy technologies throughout the economy. CEDA would be affiliated with the Department of Energy, but have largely independent operation.

A critical feature of CEDA, as created in the Senate bill, is its focus on innovative technologies. We believe the availability of CEDA financing will help America’s emerging clean energy technology companies cross the so-called “valley of death” between the invention of a technology and its commercial deployment, and substantially accelerate and increase private sector investment necessary to position the U.S. as the global clean energy leader. In short, CEDA will help finance the scale-up of precisely the kinds of innovative technologies that will create new, 21stCentury American jobs and position the U.S. to capture the economic benefits of the global transition to low-carbon energy infrastructure.
I know that this type of talk doesn't have the same ring to it as manufactured smoking guns, or pointing out that you shoveled snow off your driveway, so obviously there couldn't be climate challenges in our future, but these types of discussions are happening, and should continue to happen.

Investing in new technologies -- green technologies -- is two birds with one stone.  Maybe three, if you count relaxing our dependency on fossil fuels, and the not-so-bright-future that offers.

In short, investing in new technologies for energy development has as much to do with economic rebound and a more robust job market as it does responsible environmental policy.

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