Monday, January 25, 2010

Leading Economists: Stimulus Saved/Created 1.2 Million Jobs

But public opinion still pans it.  Washington Independent:

Here are two coinciding stories that indicate just how far removed public opinion is from economic reality. (1) The Democrats’ $787 billion economic stimulus bill has saved or created 1.2 million jobs, USA Today reported today, a median figure based on a survey of 50 leading economists. And (2) 74 percent of Americans think that at least half of the stimulus money has been wasted, according to a new CNN poll.
The gap between economist opinion and public opinion isn't surprising or hard to understand.  With unemployment so high, saying "it would've been much worse without the Stimulus," while completely true, isn't an opinion changer for those still without work.

It's worth noting the consensus among economists, still, if only to combat right wing talking points.

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  1. The problem is that ever since Obama became President and started with the Recovery, the only people interviewed have been politicians and pundits. Economists don't seem relevant to the discussion. Good TV is not created by interviewing experts, I suppose.