Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MA-Sen Was a Rebuke of Everything Teabaggers Disagree With (You Betcha!)

Nothing substantial to say about this really.

Just find it annoying, the media circus and opportunist politicos frenzy, post special election, determining for us all WHAT IT ALL MEANS.

It means there was a special election, and the candidate running the stronger campaign won, and that Democrats are scared of their own shadow.  Period.  And the Democrats still have a majority (though it appears someone should remind them).

If you'd like something more intelligent to wrap your head around than the talking points, check out John Judis's long-but-worth-the-read article on the challenges Democrats currently face.

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  1. I'm afraid this defeat still hasn't put a fire under Obama. He is saying not to "push" through healthcare in light of this Democratic defeat.