Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Signature a Day (Fair Boundaries)

Great ask from the Fair Boundaries team (via email):

Did you know that if everyone receiving this email committed to getting just one signature a day, just one signature, we would reach our goal with plenty of time to spare?

 [...] Did you know that each signature brings us one step closer to changing our state?

Did you know that you, along with your fellow supporters, could have such a real impact

Please join us in committing yourself to one signature a day, become one of our 100 for 100 heroes.  If you are shy or can’t walk, please click the donation button so that we might be able to give our signature gatherers the resources they need to succeed.

To sign up to be one of our 100 for 100 heroes that put elections back in the hands of the voters email us at or call Justin at 801-824-4073.

To pick up or return petitions please stop by 2261 S. Redwood Road #L. If you cannot come to the office, we have leaders and locations throughout the state.

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