Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scalpers Beware

One bill for the 2010 legislative session that is flying waaaaaay under the radar...

The bill prohibits selling a ticket for a sports event or concert for more than the original price plus a “reasonable service charge,” defined as $10 or 15 percent of the price. Each scalped ticket could result in a Class C misdemeanor, similar to a traffic ticket. Hemingway says working people can’t wait in line for tickets, and shouldn’t have to pay scalpers’ inflated prices.

“I got to thinking about people going to things, big-time deals, like the Disney on Ice, or things like that, and not able to get to a place to buy a ticket,” Hemingway says. “You know, line up at midnight and wait until they start selling the tickets, and having to buy a ticket from someone for twice the price and the possibility of disappointing their kids.”

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