Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Midterms: Connecting a Dot

Two quotes hitting the front page of Political Wire on separate days this week worth considering.

"To the extent the Republican Party is seen as sitting on the sidelines, rooting for failure, I don't think they will be rewarded."

-- White House political adviser David Axelrod, in an interview with The Hill, on the midterm elections outlook.
Stan Greenberg: "President Obama and the Democratic Party need to urgently revisit 1994. By paying close attention to the lessons of that year -- lessons about presidential leadership, the consequences of congressional melodrama, the need for an economic narrative and for a defining choice in the election -- the worst can be avoided."

"Most importantly, Democrats must explain this election's stakes and frame the choice that voters face. This is something we failed to get right in 1994."
Dick Cheney thinks it's going to go just super for Republicans, and the Obama will be a one-termer. Considering Cheney's track record on predictions, that's good news for Democrats.

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