Saturday, February 6, 2010

AFA Suit: Hate Crimes Laws Violate Our Religious Freedom!

Seriously? Rawstory:

Filed by the Thomas Moore Law Center -- which bills itself as the religious answer to the American Civil Liberties Union -- the complaint claims that protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people "is an effort to eradicate religious beliefs opposing the homosexual agenda from the marketplace of ideas by demonizing, vilifying, and criminalizing such beliefs as a matter of federal law and policy."

The suit was placed on behalf of American Family Association of Michigan president Gary Glenn, along with pastors Rene Ouellette, Levon Yuille and James Combs.

Claiming "there is no need" to extend hate crimes definitions, Thomas Moore chief counsel Richard Thompson attempted to minimize the impact of violent crimes against homosexuals.

"Of the 1.38 million violent crimes reported in the U.S. by the FBI in 2008, only 243 were considered as motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation," he wrote on the group's Web site. "The sole purpose of this law is to criminalize the Bible and use the threat of federal prosecutions and long jail sentences to silence Christians from expressing their Biblically-based religious belief that homosexual conduct is a sin."
I'm not sold on the effectiveness of hate crimes legislation at deterring bigots and morons from committing crimes against another human being solely because of their race, sexuality, or even religious beliefs.  Sometimes I even wonder if hate crimes legislation is a "feel good" non-solution, and that money could be better spent on educating people out of bigotry.

But that aside, this mock-victimhood from Christian conservatives is just silly.  From the latest Sutherland Institute press releases to Pat Robertson's manufactured shock at public backlash for his comments on the Haiti situation, these people need to get over themselves. It's possible, my self-righteous friends, that it really isn't about you at all!

Perhaps rather than just a conspiracy against the poor down-trodden Christian WASPs of the world, people are just trying to make the world a more fair place? Perhaps rather than an indepth plot against you and the principles you (in word at least) pretend to espouse, they just want to do what is right?

Bitching about that only makes you look more self-serving, spiteful, and petty.  All things Christ advocated against, if I understand correctly. And I'm looking, but I'm unable to find the section in the New Testament where Christ says "Go out and beat up a gay person to prove your faith!"

It ain't in there.

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