Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fightin' Words on Stimulus from UDP Chair

On the one year anniversary of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Utah Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Holland calls out Republicans for their... how to say it... bullshit stimulus rhetoric.

Just two of the top recipients in Utah are the Granite and Jordan School Districts that received more than $100 million to keep our schools afloat. The University of Utah has received $44 million, $13.8 million to BYU; $13.7 million to Utah State University; and $8.2 million to Utah Valley University. And this is just some of the good news. All in all, we have been able to fund over 1,800 projects in Utah with the help of the Recovery Act. Other key projects and benefits of the Recovery act include tax credits for first-time home-buyers, $108 million to remove uranium tailings near the Colorado River in Moab, and $13.5 million to reconstruct the Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center in Vernal, and $5 million for construction of a Bureau of Reclamation pipeline in Daggett County.

ARRA has been a resounding success for Utah and for all Americans, and there’s still more to come. In fact, there are still almost 200 projects that have yet to begin, and 363 that are still less than 50% complete. The state has spent nearly 60% or $1.1 billion of its $1.9 billion total funds designated for Utah. So the Recovery Act will continue to revitalize our economy and put Utahns back on their feet.

But while Democrats are working hard to rebuild the nation’s economy, unfortunately Utah’s Republicans like Sen. Bob Bennet and Rep. Jason Chaffetz squandered their chance to work together to repair the economy — and what’s worse is that they’re attempting to take credit for something they voted against. All four of Utah’s Republicans in Washington vote against the Recovery Act but still sent letters requesting federal money for projects proving that they care more about scoring political points than putting Utahns back to work.
Good stuff.  With troubling polling like this, it's obvious Democrats have lost the messaging war to Republican ridiculousness (and what does that say about the gullibility of the electorate?  C'mon people!).  It's time for Democrats to start sticking up for their policy again.  That Bobby, Orrin, Rob and Baby Jason get away with their spin on the stimulus plan -- while requesting funds from it at the same time -- is ludicrous. 

This is a nice first step to setting the record a little closer to truth on economic policy.  Track stimulus projects in your local area here.

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