Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help Send Holly to CPAC '10!

Utah blogger Holly on the Hill has a rare opportunity, just announced yesterday:

Woot! Erick Erickson and RedState, a nationally known conservative website, are sponsoring the bloggers lounge at this weekend’s CPAC gathering. It’s probably the largest conservative conference of the year, held in DC every February. A couple of weeks ago, they called for applications from bloggers. They specifically looked for conservative, independent bloggers (ie: not part of someone’s DC staff or another media outlet). Fitting the bill – and knowing CPAC is a BIG DEAL, I applied. I was accepted and today, have been fundraising to get myself there.
Whether you follow CPAC for the latest from the biggest conservative players, or because you can’t wait to hear what Michelle Bachmann says next, having a Utah blogger there to cover it will provide us all with an insider’s view few other states will enjoy.

Holly is fundraising for the trip via PayPal.  If you can toss a little her way (click here), please do so soon. Send the donation to “hollyonthehill@yahoo.com.”  She leaves tomorrow!

You can follow Holly’s trip at her blog, and also on Twitter via @hollyonthehill.  Congrats, Holly!

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  1. Let me get this straight. Holly is worried about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, but she's not a millionaire?