Friday, February 5, 2010

Rep. Carl Wimmer Increases Legislator Productivity, Answers Own Questions

Carl Wimmer blocks us on Twitter -- apparently because we're big meanies, and he's very sensitive that way -- but we still manage.  And it's good we do, because picking through his recent nuggets of Twitter genius, Mr. Wimmer actually gets to the bottom of all the "fiscal responsibility" and "Deficit Panic" that is all the rage, since screaming at townhalls became sooooo August 2009.

Carl, on January 7th:

Carl, a few weeks later:
That would be a no, Carl.  Next question?

Now if we could just get him to vote against his own lawsuit begging message bills, we'd be getting somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Carl is just a limelight seeking hoser that wants to cash-in on Teatard ignorance and anger. He wastes tax dollars of frivolous bills. If he meant any of the lies that he constantly spews he would propose getting rid of Utah public schools. I wont hold my breath as I expect we'll just get more lies and meaningless bills from this slimy weasel.