Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Utah Fair Boundaries – On the Road Again

From: Curtis Haring <curtis@fairboundaries.org>
Subject: Press release for Cedar City Trip


* Utah Fair Boundaries – On the Road Again*

*Tour of the State Carries on*

*February 16, 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah – Director of Operations, Curtis
Haring, announced Tuesday that he is continue his around the state "tour" to promote his groups goal of receiving 95,000 signatures by April 15 by traveling to Cedar City to speak to a group of volunteers, potential
volunteers, and interested citizens who want to learn about the initiative
being circulated by Fair Boundaries that is designed to create legislative
districts that better represent communities.*

"With a little less than two months left before petitions are due, trips
like this show that this is not just a 'Salt Lake' issue – we need the whole
state to support us and the whole state deserves to have boundaries that truly represent the people." Haring said.

Alex Francis, a Fair Boundaries volunteer and resident of Cedar City, has spearheaded the trip. "We are excited to have Fair Boundaries come down and speak to us. Often times it feels like politicians forget about us down here, but groups like Fair Boundaries know that we are here and that we are important" says Francis.

Haring will also be visiting with county leaders along the way to drop off
more petitions, receive copies of completed petitions, and meet to discuss how things are going in the individual counties that make up the heart of Utah.

"I will also be discussing our online signature campaign," Haring says.
"Never before have we seen this kind of direct democracy in our state – and the rural counties outside of the Wasatch Front can truly benefit from this form of signature gathering. Now people can be heard even if they can not easily find a physical petition."

Electronic petitions can be found at http://fairboundaries.utahpetitions.org

The meeting with volunteers will take place in the Whiting Room of the
Hunter Conference Center on Southern Utah Universities Campus at 5:30 PM on February 23rd.  And volunteers will continue their door-to-door efforts until the April 15th deadline.

About Fair Boundaries:

Fair Boundaries was organized in January, 2009 by a group of citizens
concerned about gerrymandering in Utah. Their goal is to certify over 95,000 signatures, across the state, by April 15, 2010 in order to place their initiative on the 2010 November ballot.  The initiative is designed to
create an 11-member advisory commission that would draw new state legislative district boundaries after the 2010 census.


Curtis Haring, Director of Operations

Utah Fair Boundaries

Cell – 801-891-5507


Alex Francis, Volunteer

Utah Fair Boundaries



Glenn Wright, Field Director

Utah Fair Boundaries

Cell - 435-640-9284


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