Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shurtleff's Lawsuit is About Shurtleff's Career, Not Legal Viability

Not much new to ad to the point. Just want to remind everyone of that.  

Thinly disguised John Bircher Rep. Carl Wimmer may actually believe in the lawsuit, but he also believes snow in his driveway discounts all global warming science so... well, you see reality isn't an obstacle for his conclusions in general. But Mark Shurtleff? 

No, Shurtleff is smarter than his lawsuit would have you believe. He knows it's a fruitless waste of taxpayer money. But it gives him those oh so coveted -- in Utah, at least -- teabagger street creds.

This is about Mark Shurtleff's political career and nothing more.

For an update on how these suits are playing out politically in other states see:

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  1. Something else to point that might get lost is when money goes to fighting these lawsuits it gets pulled from other areas of the AG office. So when the cases of fraud and abuse are not receiving the attention they need next year then you can blame pointless lawsuits like these.