Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring the Kids! But Just Once Leave the Racist Signs at Home!

SLTrib's Political Cornflakes:

[...]the Republican establishment is joining forces with a Utah tea party group to hold rallies. The party starts at the Capitol at noon with Gov. Gary Herbert and then moves to the old Utah County Court at 5:30. Everyone is invited, but as the email says: “BRING FAMILY FRIENDLY SIGNS. RACIST, BIGOTED, OR OFFENSIVE SIGNS--NOT WELCOME.”
What an ordinary, not unusual at all thing for promoters of Herbert's tea party to point out, huh?

I can't even remember how many times I've said to my friends, "Hey, let's catch a movie! But this time, let's leave the racist, bigoted, offensive signs at home, huh?"

And how many wedding invitations have you gotten recently (if can you even count them, they are so numerous) that read "Reception, 7pm, Leave the racist, bigoted, offensive signs at home"?

Great of Herbert to put a halt to the ass-hatery for one event. After that? By all means carry on, Teabaggers, carry on.


  1. OMG is that someone's kid holding that sign? How sad.

  2. Glad to see someones raising their kid right!!!

  3. I hope Anonymous has been rendered sterile by the inbreeding.