Thursday, April 15, 2010

(Carte) Blanche

PCCC in the inbox:

Remember how Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln bragged to voters about her role in killing the public option? Remember when she said "I don't answer to my party" in a TV ad? Well, it's finally catching up with her.

A new poll shows Democratic primary challenger Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is gaining on her -- for the first time, the race is now down to single-digits! 

Can you help keep the momentum going by chipping in $4 to Halter's campaign right now?

The new poll shows Lincoln ahead 38% to 31% with a ton of undecided voters who Halter is gaining with.

Another recent poll shows Blanche Lincoln loses to every potential Republican. Bill Halter is already beating some of them, and his name recognition and popularity are rising every week.

Bill Halter can totally win this race. His willingness to take on the insurance companies and Wall Street banks is exactly what voters want -- and Halter's victory will teach Democratic candidates across the nation that bold populism is the political winner in 2010.

But he needs your help to win in next month's primary.

Can you help defeat Lincoln -- and teach other Democrats to take on corporate interests in 2010 -- by chipping in $4 to Halter's populist campaign today?

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