Thursday, April 15, 2010

Direct Message from @markshurtleff

Looks like I've gotten under the AG's skin a bit:

Hey sidetrack - why do u hide behind a nickname? Who r u?And 4000 tweets?!! Including a dozen today - and you're telling me to do MY job? FYI Utah's cost share for the healthcare litigation is capped at $5000 and could save state taxpayers hundreds of millions. Maybe that's why you stay anonymous so you don't have to worry about the facts.
Hello Mark. Jason Williams. We've met a few times.



  1. Incredible. The only reason I can fathom the idea of moving back to Utah after grad school is because there are people like you balancing out all the crazy. Thanks.

  2. When he comes on KVNU please hit him on taking money from other areas of the AG office to pay for his pet political project.

    When crime and fraud goes unpunished this will be the reason. It costs money to fight crime.

  3. If he does come on KVNU, I would REALLY love to here his take on why opposing health care is in the interest of the Constitution, while ramming through HB 150 is 'upholding' it. I listened to his interview on the KSL Doug Wright show and the way he represented HB 150, contrasted to what was really in the bill, was in my opinion, very dishonest. I don't think alot who voted who voted for it realized what it really was and had just taken his word for it.

    So, my question would be: How does he justify ignoring the Constitution in favor of HB 150, yet turn around and try and get national play for opposing the health care bill. Seems, at the least, inconsistent. At the most...... we'll let the Tea Partiers decide. They seem to be well versed on the constitution.