Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The "Meh" Revolution

"We had two recent tea party demonstrations in Washington, one a week before the health care vote - drew about 1,000 people.  The tax day rally, by the organizers own estimate was 1,500 people.  If I organized a rally for stronger laws to protect puppies, I would get 100,000 people to Washington.  So, I think the media has blown the tea party themselves out of proportion." -- Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell 
I held off until the second "tax day" to form an official opinion on the Tea Parties, and what I believe their relevance will be going forward.  Secretly, in 2009, I was hoping for true populist uprising, even if it found it's beginnings on "the other side."  I like populism that way.  But I was quickly suspicious when I started hearing the first few fabricated claims rattling around the echo chambers of the rallies.  By August, "unhinged" was the new "informed," it seemed.  My verdict?


A lot of more in-depth polling has emerged lately on the demographics of the "movement," and it's pretty clear the "movement" is little more than angry Republicans looking for a target -- and any target will do, truthful or not.

It's a lot like 1994-95, but so far -- to their credit -- a little less crazy than it was then.  So far.

I'm sure I'll still enjoy poking fun at them, but overall, there's nothing new to see here.

Reports of the revolution were, not surprisingly, premature.  This won't get exciting again until the GOP tries to shut them up about 6 hours after the November ballots are counted.

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