Monday, April 19, 2010

The Obama Effect


One argument many of us made in favor of the election of Barack Obama was that he would instantly help the US recover from its nadir of global reputation in the Bush-Cheney pre-emptive war-and-torture era. No, I sure didn't argue that this would change everything overnight or somehow evaporate the real conflicts and tensions and disagreements in global politics. I simply noted that, especially in trying to defuse as well as defeat Jihadist terror, this kind of profound change could serve America's interests well. The idea that a better reputation abroad is meaningless uplift is foolish. It helps the US leverage its power to greater ends. The more popular the US is, the likelier it is to have a positive impact on other countries' leaders. 
He goes on to note that US reputation world wide is rising under Obama, while every other country listed declines.

Nothing to shake a stick at, though I'm sure Sarah Palin will find a way, and some moron with a microphone will give her the podium to say it from.  Somewhere Mitt Romney is wishing he'd written a completely different book (also probably wishing he'd helped create a completely different successful and popular state health care system, but that's for another post).


  1. Good point.

    Ron Paul would have been even (MUCH) better.

  2. You know, on this specific issue, I can't necessarily disagree with you. Paul's anti-war positions are commendable.

  3. I would be fine with Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, neither of which anywhere close to getting the Republican nomination. Instead we got crazy lady and grandpa forgets-a-lot.