Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Parties: Now 25% Less Crazy?

The only problem I see with this supposed (and admirable, if sincere) effort to cleanse the Tea Parties of violent extremists, and screaming racists is that they still won't really be able to explain what it is they will be slightly less irrationally angry about.

In his weekly address, President Obama takes on outraged teabaggers' claims about higher taxes and bigger government by pointing out some real statistics and facts, starting with this: tax refunds are 10% higher because of Recovery Act tax breaks aimed at the middle class.

Got that, teabaggers? You're going to go out on April 15th and cuts for the middle class?

[...] If you want to see all the different ways your taxes were lowered, or show your favorite Tea Party neighbor how their taxes were lowered, here's the tool for that.

What a country we live in, where a teabagger can cash their refund check and send it all to FreedomWorks to protest the break they just got on their taxes.

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  1. Reality and facts have an inherit liberal bias.