Sunday, May 16, 2010


2008 Libertarian Party VP Nominee, Wayne Allen Root, in a WorldNetDaily column:

Obama is not a fool. He is not incompetent. He is not a madman. He knows exactly what he's doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos – thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. But the bonus is brilliant: As he taxes to death business owners, he also cripples his political opposition. 
There are people out there who want this stuff.  It feeds their neurosis and explains away, for them, all the things that suck in their lives right now.

I don't judge them (okay I do a little), but that sites like WorldNetDaily and NewsBusters get even the little play they do for dumping this crap into the cycle is simply unbelievable.


  1. It wasn't that long ago that people on the left were making nearly identical accusations about Bush and conservatives...that they were restricting tax increases in an effort to collapse our political system so we would have to end the left's beloved social programs and entitlements.

    Root is a lunatic. People like him are what continue to keep me from ever supporting big "L" libertarianism. That said, this quote isn't that different than what your side has accused conservatives of doing is it?

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