Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help us get four Utah students to Netroots Nation

We've already made arrangements to get ourselves to Netroots Nation 2010 in July, but earlier this week we were presented with a unique opportunity, and being currently, as they say, "broke," we need your help.

We have one week to raise $320 to meet the sponsor halfway in covering registration for four Utah students.

The four student activists come from Cache, Weber, and Davis counties and have agreed to one condition: in exchange, all said sponsor asks is that these students promise to get in touch with local Democratic Party leaders after and share what they learn at NN'10 through house parties, presentations, etc.  We have four willing activists.  Housing, scheduling, and getting them to relevant training sessions we can cover ourselves.

But even with the sponsor's pledge to cover half, registration isn't cheap (at least not on my budget!).  If you can, help us make this happen.

It's impossible to detail every possible benefit from spreading the experience of the conference around at the county party level, but it's an exciting opportunity.  My first trip to the conference in Pittsburgh last year as a DFA Scholar gave me a wealth of overwhelming ideas on everything from email campaigning to covering local politics as citizen journalists to an inside look at the successes and failures of "new media" campaign strategies for candidates.  It was an experience I couldn't have gotten elsewhere and that I'm still learning from nearly a year later via the contacts I made. 

Please pitch in whatever you can, and help us get four more Utah activists the same experience, and bring even more of this influence back to Utah politics.

$10 from 32 people would make this opportunity a reality.

(We've capped the donation limit, so if you attempt to give and it says "No!" this means we've hit the necessary amount.)

Much thanks, in advance.  We'll be posting more info on the conference, including keynote speakers, and panel/training topics in July.

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  1. 6:33 PM

    Did this happen? I can pitch in if we need more. Send me an email.