Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RNC Chooses "Lap Dance Capital of the World" for Convention Site

Political Wire:

Unmentioned in news this morning that the Republican party will pick Tampa as the site for their 2012 national convention: Ben Smith points out the city is known as the "lap dance capital of the world" with 56 different clubs that are adult-oriented.

Given the scandal over RNC expenses at a "bondage-themed nightclub" earlier this year, one wonders if this was a wise choice.
More interesting to me is the complete lack of mention of Phoenix as a possible choice in many of the statements given on the Tampa pick.  It's like Arizona has ceased to exist on the GOP radar.

Always fun to watch the national party run away from the very extremism they've helped to foster.  They feed the extremism, they try to legitimize the extremism, and they defend the extremism... until a national election cycle rolls around.  Then they want to be as far away from the extremism as possible.


  1. You're probably right, but the actual vote won't happen for another hour or so. I'm still rooting for SLCity - for a plethora of crazy reasons.

  2. You can't expect people who don't go to bondage clubs to know what's on the mind of The Real America!