Thursday, July 15, 2010

GOP Economics: Intellectual Flatulence

MondayMorningEconomist's Stephen Herrington (via HuffPo)

From the right wing punditry to the Republicans in government, all conservatives are expounding the intellectual flatulence that "unemployment compensation makes people lazy." One is doubtless tempted to offer the obvious rejoinder, "there are no jobs for the unemployed to take," or "there are six applicants for every job opening in the country." Maybe screaming would make it more satisfying. Somehow the act of applying for jobs creates more jobs?

Let me suggest something else to the Republicans and to our gutless press. The fact that they're obviously not trying very hard to do anything for the American people in this Great Recession means that they are not trying hard enough. It means that they are, in fact, lazy. Cockamamie social Darwinism is fine for their base voters and, apparently, the mass media, but to everyone out of a job it feels like rubbing scalding salt in a gaping wound. For some it means the destruction of a life that has already been a struggle to build.

Republicans got that way, lazy, by being elected again and again without ever proposing anything much more thoughtful than "unemployment compensation makes people lazy" or Trickle Down or religious war on the Muslims. Their laziness is built on success at pushing public opinion hot buttons through the stupefying drivel purveyed by our compliant mass media as actual political discourse. But in that overconfidence in their lap dog media propaganda conduits, they have failed to consider the real outcomes for the public that the media can't hypnotize away. [...]

Republicans, you made the mess and you don't have a clue how to fix it anymore than Hoover. You absolutely refuse to consider that your philosophy is a demonstrated failure and that it is your philosophy that unemployed more people than were newly employed under the Bush years. It is your philosophy that gave the modern world the two greatest economic calamities it has endured. What thinking citizen would now heed your screeds, much less elect you to office?

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  1. But wait, I thought that the Obama Administration was telling the country that the economy was becoming stronger and millions of jobs were being created by means of the stimulus... with all of this economic strength and new jobs, why are so many people still unemployed?

    Could it be that unemployment benefits offer the wrong incentive?