Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Herbert Campaign Bites Off More Than They Can Choke On

Humorous little dust-up between the Peter Corroon and Gary Herbert campaigns.

Herbert camp sends a letter with 8 debates.  Complains that 35 days go by without a response.  Statement (D-News):

"[...] more than 35 days have passed since I sent the request without reply" [...] "commitment to engaging in substantive dialogue on important issues affecting all Utahns."
Corroon issues a response, agreeing to the 8 debates, and adding 14 more.

Herbert campaign response?  Um...  Ah...  Well...
"[...] willing to talk about others here and there, but we think eight is enough. That's plenty of opportunity to get in front of folks."
So there you have it, folks.  Eight is the magic number for an "engaging and substantive dialoge."  Not seven, not nine.  Eight.  Got it?

Considering that Corroon is going to wipe the floor with Herbert's just-a-simple-good-ol'-boy-whats-not-good-at-them-fancy-pants-words-n-stuff speaking style, the Herbert camp has got to be regretting that petty 35 day complaint.

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  1. Mayor "Herbert jr" Corroon doesn't need 22 debates to prove to Utah that his plan is to end Utah's streak as the best managed state